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DiA is a project of a diverse but united group of partners. We are NGOs, universities, formal and non-formal education organizations, working on local, national, and international levels. We have many skills in peace- and community building, conflict transformation, and social dialogue and have big social capital. We have a reputation as innovative training providers, access to many target groups, and most of all open minds and hearts. We know theory and practice, methods and theories, and are curious to explore new approaches and practices.

We mainly are guided by Trainer and facilitators in non-formal education, local activists, and Ngo leaders, but as well all kind of educators, students, and researchers active in the four fields of Dia. We pay especially attention to those working with refugees, IDPs, migrants, minorities but as well elderly, social disadvantaged who are usually stocked in areas of conflict. We are aware that we are in a system where we have to work with the. Ass media, hosting communities, policymakers, local leaders, universities, schools, cultural centers, and municipalities to complete our mission.

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