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Loesje Method

A Loesje writing workshop is a creative group activity, where the participants make short texts(one-liners) by using a special text writing method that Loesje has developed. Because Loesje texts are mostly positive and funny, and at the same time critical, they stimulate the viewers to see everything from a new perspective and also take action in their own lives. 

Every workshop is different and individual, as the group decides which topics they would like to write about during the process. Workshops can also be given surrounding a certain topic.

No previous experience is needed and at the end of every creative writing workshop, the participants have written Loesje texts because they have found new ways of creative thinking. Therefore, “I didn’t know I was that creative” is a quote that we get to hear after many workshops.

Inviting Loesje for a workshop might be a good idea for a theme day or a company outing, as it is an activity you can easily do with a group of up to 15 people. Loesje gladly visits, for example, schools, companies, and organizations.

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